MAHARAJA- Orange Horse

Rs. 4,999.00


Our Maharaja Bag is the ideal combination of elegance and flair. It is spacious and is designed entirely of high-quality jute and is the perfect companion for a day out or a vacation. It also has hand painted horses for a sophisticated appeal. This bag organizes all of your needs without compromising style. A gold chain is available for an additional cost and adds an added ace to this contemporary silhouette. It features a fixed print and can be personalized with your initials or name. [/shortdesc]


  • Eco-Friendly- This handbag is completely eco-friendly and has no negative impact on the environment.
  • Material- It is made of high-quality jute material and comes with comfortable carrying straps.
  • Roomy- This handbag is quite roomy, measuring 16" by 14" in dimension and has zip closure as well.
  • Color- Natural jute color fabric with fixed design.
  • Unique design options- In addition to Maharaja, we offer three more unique design options: Amalfi, Bahamas, and Flamingo.[/tab]


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