Rs. 1,199.00


For those hectic days, our high-quality canvas pouch is ideal for storing items and keeping them organized. Grab this multi-purpose pouch to hold all of your belongings when you're ready to go out. It ensures that all of your important items are kept safe.

It can also be customized with your initials and choice of color stripes.[/shortdesc]


  • Material- This canvas pouch is composed of high-quality canvas fabrics that are soft and comfortable and do not easily tear. In addition, you can have your initials for a more unique and personal touch.
  • Size- It measures 9" x 7" and offers plenty of storage space for all of your necessities.
  • Eco-friendly- It is eco-friendly in nature and doesn't cause any negative impact on the environment.
  • Vegan- It is 100% vegan and is cruelty-free & made with no use of the animal product.[/tab]


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