CoCo J

Weekender In Hot Pink Inner Strip

Rs. 4,999.00


The CoCo J Weekender is a versatile handbag with ample interior storage space. Made up of pure jute material, it features an exquisite front design tailored to cater to your unique style. It is made with the utmost love and care. It's the perfect accessory for your outfit, carefully crafted to be fashionable and elegant, and can be used in any season. We offer a variety of stripe color combinations and art elements so that you can customize this bag as per your choice.

Ella is spacious, makes room for your accessories, is light in weight, eco-friendly, and takes your heart in one go.

It can also be customized with initials/name and colored stripes of your choice.[/shortdesc]


  • Made in India: The products from CoCo J are homegrown in India using sustainable design.
  • Spacious: It is highly spacious with a size of 16" x 14" and is adequate to carry essential items that are vital for everyday use.
  • Lightweight: This handbag is light in weight and is easy to carry around all your essentials in one place.
  • Material: It is made entirely of pure Jute. It is known for its strength and durability. Also, it is 100% eco-friendly, thus helping you to do your part in protecting the environment.
  • Chain: You can also attach a gold-colored chain to your handbag for an additional fee.


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